The Art of Pregnancy | Top Chicago Maternity Photographer

The Art of pregnancy. It really, truly is an art to me. A woman is at her most beautiful, in my opinion, when she is carrying a new life inside of her, and that is what attracted me to this style of maternity photography! This beautiful mommy-to-be came to see me in her 34th week of pregnancy, and I was absolutely floored by her beauty! Tall, gorgeous, beautiful skin and hair, all paired with the cutest baby bump made for the best maternity pictures ever! And this is her 2nd baby, can you believe it?! She will soon be the proud mother of another little girl, and I know she will be as pretty as her mommy!

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Naja Lerus Photography is a Chicago maternity photographer that serves the Chicagoland area and specializes in the art of pregnancy photography.

Gorgeous | Maternity Photography in Chicago IL

I have been blessed with some gorgeous maternity clients lately, and what is funny is they were all expecting girls!! Tis’ the season!  Meet this beautiful mama-to-be that came to see me last week! She was so pretty and was so incredibly photogenic! What a pleasure it was to work with her…

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Naja Lerus Photography specializes in maternity photography in Chicago IL

Autumn | Chicago IL Newborn Photography Artist

Meet little miss Autumn, who came to see me on her 10th day of life! Autumn was such a sweetheart, however she must have thought that sleep was overrated so she decided to hang out with me most of the session, watching my ever move and giving me the most amazing eye contact ever! I am always amazed at how the teeniest of babies can be so mature so young. We did start off with her sleeping, but after she was pretty much awake most of the shoot. She was a teeny tiny little something too, and oh so cute…

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Naja Lerus Photography is a Chicago IL newborn photography artist.


Quadruple the blessing | Chicago Multiples Newborn Photographer

You read it right! Quadruplets! I had the honor of photographing these 4 blessings when I went to visit my good friend Kimberly G Photography based in Macon, GA, and it was an absolute honor! In my career, I have photographed twins, even a set of triplets, but quadruplets was unknown territory, so I was eager to give it a go! The babies were 3 girls and one boy, with two of the girls being identical. And we were 3 photographers; Kimberly G Photography, Charlotte Morgan Photography and myself, to handle these precious beings. And they were *absolute* perfection! They slept oh so soundly and were amazing for us, no complaints at all. Little love muffins. It was a dream session from beginning to end.

Time is so fleeting. Freeze this moment in time, babies grow and change so fast. Book your newborn session with Naja Lerus Photography today!

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Naja Lerus Photography is a Chicago multiples newborn photographer, serving the city and suburbs.

Lace Pooh set by The Knitting Bitty.

Trinity | Sterling IL Newborn Photographer

Meet beautiful Trinity, who came to see me on her 8th day of life! I first met her parents when I photographed their maternity session, so I knew this little missy since before she was born 🙂 Trinity was such a cutie, and even had light brown, almost reddish hair. And she was a sleepy head too, absolutely perfect. I had been preparing for this session for a while, mom told me that dad was an avid Spartan Race  competitor and he was going to bring his medals to the session. In my mind, I thought he would probably bring like maybe 2 or 3. He brought so many!! What a champion! And Trinity was so calm as I posed her with her dad’s medals, it was as if she knew this shot would be special.

What an honor it is for me to follow my clients in their journey to parenthood! Time goes by so fast. The babies grow so fast and time is fleeting. Invest in your memories. It would be my absolute honor to capture your beautiful family with my lens. Book your newborn session with Naja Lerus Photography.

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Naja Lerus Photography serves as a Sterling IL newborn photographer. She is based in the Beverly area of Chicago but serves all of the city and its surrounding suburbs.

All lace items (including workout set for Spartan Race image with medals) by The Knitting Bitty.

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